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World Congress for Hair Research 2013

Viviscal presents statistically-significant results with respect to reductions in hair shedding and hair thickness from their latest clinical study at the World Congress for Hair Research 2013. The study is one of the world’s largest double-blind, multi-site, placebo-controlled clinical studies on women’s hair supplements.
The 7th World Congress for Hair Research in Edinburgh, Scotland, 4th - 6th May, 2013. The triennial congress gathers hair research societies from across the world as the foremost conference for those with an interest in hair, including specialist physicians, dermatologists, surgeons and scientists from academia and industry.

Viviscal Abstract

This 6 month multi-site, double-blind, Placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in association with independent contract research organization Stephens & Associates Inc used a phototrichogram image analysis approach to assess whether daily ingestion of the Viviscal® dietary/food supplement containing marine proteins altered hair growth in females with self-perceived hair thinning

This study revealed:

A) A clear statistically-significant 7.4% increase (improvement) in the mean vellus hair width after 6 months of Viviscal dietary/food supplement consumption, when compared to the Placebo. - This observation suggests that the vellus hairs may be transitioning towards terminal hair classification, a process that may continue to develop over treatment time.

World Hair Congress 2013

B) A clear statistically-significant 18.3% reduction in hair shedding after just 3 months of Viviscal dietary/food supplement consumption, when compared to Placebo. Counts of the total number of shed hairs were consistently lower for the Viviscal® dietary/food supplement group throughout the trial compared to the Placebo group. - This observation suggests that there is an attenuation of hair shedding in the Viviscal dietary/food supplement group, which may have favourably impacted the subjects’ perception of fewer hairs being shed.

World Hair Congress 2013


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