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Over-styling and Thinning Hair issues

Erika is a professional model who damaged her hair with a career built on daily over-styling and heat-styling. She joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution program to give Viviscal hair vitamins a try for 6 months. In her initial interview, she explains why she tried a vitamin for hair growth:

Viviscal: When your hair looks or feels good, how does that affect your confidence, mood or outlook?

Erika: It’s a beautiful day when my hair looks and feels good. When I am able to create the illusion that I have a full head of hair, my mood and confidence is certainly boosted.

Viviscal: How has your hair thinning hair or excess hair shedding affected you?

Erika: I get very nervous when friends touch my head now because I never know how much of what is on my head will show up detached on their hands.

Viviscal: Have the changes in your hair affected your personal or professional life? If so, explain.

Erika: Going to modeling auditions is a struggle now because with thinning hair, it’s hard to get a job.

Viviscal: Has anyone commented on the condition of your hair? If so, what did they say and how did it make you feel?

Erika:  Many people have commented (my friends, my family and my hairstylist). My confidence is shot when guys even start to point out how thin my hair is. Also, it is always discouraging to find my hair all over my clothes.

Viviscal:  Think back to a time in your life when you most liked your hair. Describe what you liked about it.

Erika:  My curls were bouncy and full, without the need for product. I loved the glow of my hair and I even had minimum frizz.

Viviscal: Why did you decide to join the Voice of the Solution campaign? What results do you want to see after 6 months on Viviscal hair vitamins for women?

Erika:  I am hoping that the hair loss will decrease and I hope to see healthier hair grow in.


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