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Debra, menopause and women’s thinning hair


Menopause is one of the most common causes of thinning hair for women. The hormonal changes before, during and after menopause often cause excess shedding and hair loss. When Debra noticed thinning hair post-menopause she decided to take action. She joined Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution and began a trial of Viviscal Extra Strength hair growth supplements. In our first Q&A with Debra, she explains why she chose to take a vitamin for hair growth:

Viviscal: When your hair looks good, how does that impact your confidence or outlook?

Debra: When my hair looks good, I feel fabulous (at least for the 3 seconds my style lasts). But when my hair looks bad, I am more self-conscious and I try to disguise it.

Viviscal: Have the changes in your hair affected your personal life? If so, explain.

Debra: It takes more time to make my hair look decent. I worry about how it will look in the coming years.

Viviscal: Why did you decide to join the Voice of the Solution campaign? What results do you want to see after six months on Viviscal vitamins for hair growth?

Debra: I am struggling with thinning hair and I love the fact that Viviscal provides an easy, healthy solution. I would love to see stronger and fuller hair again.

Viviscal: Think back to a time when you liked your hair. What did you like about it?

Debra: In my 20s, my hair was long, thick and full of body. I loved the way it looked and I could do a lot with it style-wise.

Viviscal: Has anyone commented on the current condition of your hair? If so, how did that make you feel?

Debra: My hairstylist noticed shedding and we tried extensions, but my hair was not strong enough to hold them. I was frustrated to say the least!

Viviscal: If you’re seeing more thinning hair and excess shedding, how does that affect you?

Debra: I feel helpless and I want to stop the hair loss and shedding. I want to keep the hair I have!!


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