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Post-pregnancy Hair Loss and Hair Vitamin Solutions

Amanda says her hair shedding became a joke among her friends. She was able to laugh about it but she still felt bad about her thinning hair. That’s why Amanda decided to join Voice of the Solution and try Viviscal hair growth supplements for 6 months. In her first Q&A with us, she explains why she took the plunge to try a vitamin for hair growth:

Viviscal: When your hair looks or feels good, how does that make you feel?

Amanda: A good hair day means everything… better self-esteem. I look forward to going out. I don’t need as good of an outfit if my hair looks great!

Viviscal: How has your hair loss affected you?

Amanda: When I shower and comb my hair it feels like I am losing half of my hair. And it sucks when I spend the night with friends, then comb my hair and the brush is full. It has become a joke now but it’s a little embarrassing. It also sucks to have to vacuum every single day because my hair is all over the floor from shedding.

Viviscal: Have the changes in your hair affected your professional life? If so, explain.

Amanda: Because my hair is so damaged and the ends are frayed I rarely keep my hair down at work, I tend to always keep it in a ponytail, braid or bun, which also causes even more breakage.

Viviscal: Think of a time when you liked your hair. Describe your hair then.

Amanda: Before I started coloring and straightening my hair, (well before the weight loss) it was full with no dead ends. It had lots of body and it curled easily.

Viviscal: Why did you decide to join the Voice of the Solution campaign? What results do you want to see after six months on Viviscal supplements for hair growth?

Amanda: I am really hoping my hair gets healthier and stronger. It would be so nice not to shed so much either and overall that people would comment that I have great hair.

Viviscal: Has anyone commented on your thinning hair? If so, what did they say and how did you feel?

Amanda: Many people have told me that my hair is damaged and broken and that my shedding is worse than a dog. I don’t take it to heart but I would prefer comments like ‘your hair looks healthy and great!’


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